Reiki is an ancient Tibetan healing and self development therapy which was rediscovered last century by a Japanese scholar, Dr Mikao Usui.


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. The Usui system of Reiki is a natural way to use this power to balance the bodys energy, increasing its ability to heal on all levels, and accelerate personal growth.


Reiki is neither a form of mind control, philosophy nor religion. Although an ancient technique Reiki correlates with modern day quantum physics principles.


Reiki promotes personal growth by increasing intuitive, cognitive and creative processes, and has similar physiological and psychological effect on the body to meditation.


One hour of Reiki treatment is the physiological equivalent of three to four hours sleep. Therefore Reiki is clinically demonstrated to be one of the most advanced natural stress reduction and health improvement therapies available.


Sports injuries, cuts, burns, internal diseases, and stress related illness are all dramatically helped through the use of Reiki.


Reiki can be used on its own or as a complimentary adjunct to other conventional or alternative systems. Reiki is used extensively within the Medical and Paramedical professions worldwide. Patients can continue to receive orthodox medical attention and use Reiki to enhance their bodys vitality and healing rate. Reiki also reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and other drugs.




A Reiki treatment involves the placement of the Practitioners hands gently on or slightly above the body in a passive way. The position is changed about every 5 minutes to include specific points on the body, in order to realign and balance the bodys energy system. A full treatment lasts about an hour. It is recommended when receiving Reiki for the first time, to have three consecutive treatments. After these, Reiki can be sought for specific body points, systems, or injuries, for varying lengths of time suited to the patient. Reiki is not a form of massage as the hands remain still, and the treatment can be given through clothing. During treatment, patients enter a very deep state of relaxation.

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