Natures Wand Sore Bits Balm is a local favourite, and a personal favourite as well. A Calendula base, with specific essential oils for inflammation, pain, and itch, means an all round balm for everything from cuts & burns to infections and cold sores. It has been donated to my kids school camps over the years along with Natures Wand Insect Repellant, with excellent results - for those who couldnt be bothered with repellant, the Sore Bits took care of their very itchy mozzie bites! It also makes an excellent lip balm which I hope to package in stick form very soon. The cost of Sore Bits Balm is higher than other balms due to expensive ingredients used.

Sore Bits Balm 60gm

  • Made in the same way as Calendula Ointment but with the addition of essential oils - Roman Chamomile, Patchouli, Lavender, Bergamot - in therapeutic quantities (not just a few drops for smell). Cold pressed Almond oil, unrefined organic Beeswax, and of course a big addition of love through my Reiki practice.