Natures Wand Colloidal Silver is made using a system developed in an American laborotory. The resulting CS is high potency and easily absorbed, utilised, and processed through the body. Some silver products are made with systems that create clumped particles and the potency is "hit and miss", We laser test every bottle to ensure consistent quality. Use Natures Wand CS for everything from flu/bug/viral/parasite prevention, to acute care for sore throats, UTIs, bacterial infections (internally & topically), eye & sinus infections, parasites etc. Questions are welcome through our email.

Colloidal Silver 500ml

  • Natures Wand Colloidal Silver, like all the other products, has the addition of Love. I have been making these sorts of products for over 16 years now, and after learning Reiki (20 yrs ago), I realised that if I created the intention, then I could add Reiki Love energy to anything that I was working on (food, balms, liquids, animals, and people!). So while it may sound "cute", it is a practice that is carried out with the utmost respect and gratitude to all that is. The process of making CS is quite simple, but takes 4 hours to make 500ml (because of the system I use). The only ingredients in it after the process are Pure Distilled Water, the finest Colloidal Silver particles, and of course Love.