Cleavers is a plant used for many ailments, in both tincture form for internal use, and as a balm for all manner of skin conditions. One condition it works really well for is chronic itch, which can be caused by allergies, liver disease, blood conditions or transfusion therapy, sun damage (keratosis) etc. While working with Hospice patients I found that those who couldn't find a medication to help with their itchy skin, did find Natures Wand Cleavers products to be of great benefit.

Cleavers Ointment 60gm

  • Cleavers plant is harvested (as with all the NW herbs) when its highest medicinal potency is reached. The plant is partially dried then infused in cold pressed olive oil for 4 - 6 weeks. Once the plant material is separated out, cold pressed almond oil is added along with beeswax and high doses of pure love energy.