First Light Flower Essence Therapy

Native NZ Plant Essence Therapy

A complete system of medicine using our very own native NZ flora & fauna. Each remedy has its own symptom/personality picture that may match the needs of the client. Up to 8 remedies can be used in a treatment bottle. This system of medicine is very safe, can be used with all age groups, and will not interact with medications. It is Homeopathic and works on a deep energetic level to help rebalance energy fields and emotions, creating a platform for self-healing on all levels of being.

The First Light Flower Essences brand was developed in NZ and is now used worldwide. There is a corresponding First Light Remedy for each Bach Flower Remedy (the English brand of Flower Essences that created "Rescue Remedy"), and therefore those familiar with the Bach Remedies, will understand the powerful healing response that this type of medicine can create.

I can make Rescue spray for clients, or offer consultations between half and one hour, to create a personalized remedy for specific complaints. I can get the details needed via email or skype if that suits you better, then post or deliver your remedy. Just add a note to your booking that you'd like an email/skype appointment rather than in person.