Distance Healing

Using Reiki Distance Healing techniques, I will spend at least an hour on you just as I would in a face to face appointment. I will send the information received intuitively, via email. 

I have been using this method for many years but only recently added as an option via my website.

With the complications of busy lives, time restrictions, and now Covid-19, this is a great way to look after your well-being without having to go out :)

Just include a note on the checkout page if you wish, or email separately after you book with any details or specific points you'd like me to look in to. Otherwise I will work with your name only.

Please read the REIKI Healing page to learn about this versatile healing technique.

To book, click the button on the right and you will be taken to the booking calendar. There are limited spaces available but choose the next available time slot and I will get a notification of your booking straight away. If I am able to do the session sooner than your booked date I will, otherwise you will receive the email at the end of your chosen time.