Through the practice of Automatic Writing, my Clairvoyant Mentor and Friend Eme encouraged me to explore my abilities of insight and intuition by providing me with names of people I didn't know and having me read the information back to her and then helping me to interpret correctly what I wrote (saw). 20 plus years later I still do automatic writing as well as readings after Reiki sessions. So now with life being busy and people finding it harder to find time for in-person appointments, I am offering Readings via email.

I will use a combination of Automatic writing and other intuitive skills to give you a unique insight into both your conscious thought processes and unconscious patterning in order for you to acknowledge, and start moving in a more positive direction.

Each persons reading is unique to them and may include past experiences that need some insight before current situations can be dealt with.

People who are here may come into it as well as people who have passed. 

I don't need any information other than your name to do this, however if you have specific questions/problems that you'd like looked at, please fill in the comment/note box at checkout or email me via the website once you have completed payment.

To book, click the Book button on the right and you will be taken to the calendar booking page. Choose the next available time slot (spaces are limited). I will get a notification as soon as you have booked. If I am able to do your reading sooner than your allotted time I will do so and send it to you. Otherwise you will have your reading at the end of your chosen time.