Jeni Gorrie

Cert. Natural Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Therapist, Health & Wellness Coach

I am Mother to 3 boys, a girl, 2 cats, & a great dane, and wife to a top man. For 6 years up until March 2019 I owned & operated a Health Store and a Wellness Centre in Dargaville. I am now working with Clients at my property in Dargaville or mobile when requested.

My interest in physical and emotional health began at 12yrs old when my loved Grandmother died slowly with a brain tumor. I wondered why, and what could have been done differently for her, and our family members. As I grew older and found my own challenges, exploration of health & wellness became a natural part of life.

Life was challenging from pre-teen until my 30s (I'm about 50 now!) - with health conditions (Auto Immune problems).  Two of my children had allergies. By the time my second child was 3, I had started studying Natural Therapies. As well as studying with Naturopathic College of NZ, I have researched Homeopathy, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Death & Dying, Auto Immunity, and continue to upskill in, and use these modalities. Since completing  Natural Therapy studies in 2010, I have gone on to do training courses in Hospice care, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki level 2, Healing Disease states, Energy Healing, Coaching, Process Therapy.

I am passionate about helping people to create change in order to heal. We cannot expect to see different results in our lives and our health, if our internal and external behaviour stays the same.

I hope you will see something of value to you on my website, and feel confident about taking the first step into your own personal evolution. 

Much Love,


NOTE: As of September 2020 I am having a break off face to face appointments. Feel free to email for info on how I may be able to help via email communications.